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Cockroaches in Cambodia

Day Six Today we arrived in Phnom Penh, the ‘Pearl of Asia’. Cambodia’s capital city is famous for its French picturesque buildings. We had a very interesting journey along the way…

Biking to the Border!

  Day Four  We finally reached the Cambodian border today, this was a real eye opener into how people here live…

Penn Pedals Again

Another extremely hot and humid day today with 90 per cent humidity, as we headed another 75 kilometres (46 miles) towards the Cambodian border. 

Penn Pedals – We’re Off!

After leaving the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bangkok at 7.00 am, a two hour minibus ride took us north to the National Park of Khao Yai, where the first day of cycling began. Only a steady 40 mile warm up in temperatures of 35c and humidity in the 80 per cent range…

Penn’s Polio pedal to Phnom Penh!

We have an amazing fundraising story to share with you about someone cycling through Indochina to raise money for British Polio Fellowship. Many people don’t realise that British Polio relies solely on donations and fundraising events, receiving no funding whatsoever from government or other public bodies.


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