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16-fold discrepancy in disabled representation in parliament

With the general election approaching, I was shocked to read that funding for disabled prospective candidates is no longer in effect. It is therefore unsurprising that there is a starkly low representation of disabled people in parliament. While around 16% of the working age adult population has a disability, they account for less than one […]

Ted Hill’s letter featured in The Guardian

Ted Hill’s latest letter to editors about disgraceful disabled facilities is being picked up in various media, including The Guardian (02/06/2017). You can read the full article here:

British Polio political party announcement

As a charity we do not campaign for any political party. Members have asked for information on each political party’s policy on disability issues. The British Polio Fellowship would like to refer people to the Disability Right UK site which has direct links to the main political party’s manifesto statements on disability:

Live Streaming – Watford Roadshow, 2017

On the 31 May we’re trialling a new, live streaming system at the Watford Roadshow event. The hope is that this will make future events accessible even if you are unable to attend.

Leicester Indoor Games 2017 Dinner

The CEO of national charity The British Polio Fellowship has praised organisers and competitors of this year’s National Indoor Games at Leicester in March. Ted Hill MBE says the event attracted a record number of attendees for the second year running.


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